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Kit Rich is a Pilates expert and celebrity fitness trainer who has been praised for her honest and practical approach to living and embracing all facets of a healthy lifestyle.

Over the years, she has worked with a slew of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, and has also toured internationally with Kesha. 

Between working out and writing personal essays and plays in her spare time, Amuze caught up with the celeb trainer to talk all things fitness, her A-list clientele, and her fave activewear brands. 

How did you get your started in the fitness business?
Ironically, I was very insecure, unhappy, unhealthy, drinking, smoking cigarettes, and eating unhealthy foods. Although I was grateful to be able to pay my bills, I was feeling lost about my purpose and direction. I was 22 and a waitress. I was going through a depression and was feeling really lost. I had heard from a friend that Pilates was a great workout that really made you feel good so I decided to sign up for a class. The first day I walked in, the owner of the studio thought she recognized me from somewhere and asked if I was an instructor. It made no sense to me at the time - I was so unhealthy and in such a low place. I thought to myself, “How could she possibly think my role was to inspire someone?” But once she asked the question, I heard myself say, “Maybe I could be.” That ‘maybe I could be’ started my entire career. 

Tell us a bit about Fit by Kit…what makes it different?
Fit by Kit is about my style of teaching. It focuses more on empowerment rather than inches lost. I used to have severe body dysmorphia so anything that focuses too much on the superficial doesn’t work for me. I’ve found that when I focus more on how I am feeling, hone in on being joyous, and concentrate on being strong, I transform into the person I am meant to be. I’m all about the 3 or 30 mantra. It helped me lose 30 pounds and it helped my clients stay consistent with their routines. The 3 or 30 rule is choosing to do 30 minutes of any type of exercise a day, or, 3 miles a day. You decide. It’s a simple mantra to stay excited, consistent, and empowered by fitness. It’s a balanced approach and nothing extreme. It’s achievable.

A is for Abundance. We need so many things to keep our lives moving and growing in a healthful way. Sometimes we are left wanting. But if you can have an abundance of courage, self love, and tenacity, you can make your fitness journey a challenging and fulfilling space in your life. I look forward to movement every day. What is it that you look forward to most each day? . . . 📷: @happierdad . . . . . . . . . . . #pilates #circuittraining #celebritytrainer #fitness #cardio #wellness #beactive #activelife #fitfam #betteryou #running #yoga #healthandwellness #3or30 #fitbykit #kitrich #sweatitout #halfmarathontraining #optoutside #stretch #fitnessmotivation #strongwomen #runlikeagirl #loveyourbody #classpass #healthyhabits

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How did you foray into the celebrity training arena?
Well, I live in LA which helps! I wasn't strategic about it though. I just did my work, did it well, and always showed up on time. One referral after another led me to where I am today.

Who was your first celebrity client and how did you land him/her? 
This was about 12 years ago. I trained Sting for a few sessions while he was in LA. He was kind and such an inspiration. He came to me through a referral. He was in town for work and needed someone to train him while he was here.

We all lead busy lives - what should one do if they only have a short amount of time to work out?
If you only have five minutes to work out, I would do one minute of push-ups, one minute of squats, 30 seconds of plank, and then repeat. You will feel great after that! Or, try five minutes of meditation. 

What’s one piece of advice you can give to our readers to motivate them during the colder months?
Hydrate! People don’t drink as much water during the cold winter months because they don’t think they have to. Their body doesn’t give them the same triggers it does when it’s hot or when you’re sweating from the heat. But you can still get dehydrated. And if you’re lacking water, you will eat more when really your body just needs water. You will also be more lethargic and lower energy levels can contribute to depression.

What has been the most surreal moment for you thus far in your career? 
The places I’ve traveled and the people I’ve met. I think the most surreal moment was when I received an email from a guy who wanted to surprise his wife with a workout with me for her birthday. She had recently given birth to twins and was doing my workout videos and her husband had noticed a real change in her, both physically and emotionally. So he contacted me and we put together a whole surprise training birthday session. This meant the world to me. I receive a ton of emails from people who have watched my videos or trained with me. But to get the chance to meet someone in person was transformative.

Do you have any hobbies?
I love to write. I write personal essays and plays. Some of my essays have been published. I haven’t written a play in awhile but I did get one produced about three years ago. It was a two-person black box theater play. My partner takes me to black box theater quite a bit. It’s such a joy for me because it feels so raw, intimate, and honest. I love the conversations theater sparks long after you’ve left. I also love skateboarding and being on my scooter. It makes me feel so young and alive.

Movement Monday! 🤸🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️ The Single Straight Leg Stretch. Lying on your back, extend your right leg into the sky and hold onto it with both hands gently behind the knee. Extend your left leg straight and have it hover over the floor. Lift your head into a crunch position and engage your core. Keep your back connected to the mat. Pulse the right leg in twice (getting a nice hamstring stretch) and then alternate legs for an entire minute. Try to keep your legs as straight as you can and connect to your breath. Inhale pulse (switch legs) and exhale pulse. #FitbyKit 📷: @happierdad 👕👖@lucyactivewear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #movement #weightlossjourney #pilates #circuittraining #celebritytrainer #fitness #cardio #wellness #healthy #activelife #fitfam #betteryou #running #yoga #feelgood #3or30 #fitbykit #kitrich #goaldigger #halfmarathontraining #optoutside #stretch #fitnessmotivation #strongwomen #runlikeagirl #outdoorwomen

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What inspires you to be innovative in an increasingly competitive active market?

As I evolve, so does my messaging. I become inspired to share that with others. Innovation for me is very organic. It comes from a very pure place.

What are some of your favorite activewear fashion brands and why?
I’m a very active person and I need workout gear that doesn’t just work in the studio but also outdoors. So I personally love Marmot, Lucy Activewear, and Athleta. And I am really into workout clothes from Target! They have a really great activewear range.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
I am obsessed with Reformation dresses, Re/Done jeans, and all things MadeWell. That about sums me up right there! 

What is your must-have beauty product? 
Daniel McFadden eyebrow brushes and lip stains. He’s got the most beautiful lip stains that last all day. And Corrective SkinCare products. I use their cleanser, benzoyl peroxide, and glycol and salicylic pads that help my skin cells turn over faster. The products are very simple and easy to use. 

Do you have a secret beauty tip? 
Cinnamon in my morning coffee is one of my many secrets! It’s packed with nutrients and vitamins and helps stabilize insulin and energy levels which in turn curb cravings. It tastes really good, too! 

What's your favorite piece of active apparel to wear? 
I personally love activewear pants that are a bit baggy. I have to wear spandex all day everyday, so sometimes a looser pants just feel so liberating.

What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? 
“You are at the front of your own line.”

Favorite Quote? 
“Without discipline, there’s no life at all.” - Katharine Hepburn 

What is one thing our readers would be surprised to hear? 
I can speak a little Japanese since I minored in it in college. This was most useful when I went on tour with a client to Japan for a few weeks. I got around Japan by myself speaking to everyone in their native tongue!

What item in your closet do you wear the most? 
A white t-shirt I got from Zara.

What do you like to splurge on?  
I splurge on traveling and experiences. I love to go on quick getaways to places I’ve never been.

How would you describe your work ethic? 
Motivated and very disciplined.

If you could train one person who would it be and why?
OPRAH! I want to be up close to the woman who said ‘YES’ to life in every way. What a force that woman is. What a spirit!


It’s your cheat day…do you choose pizza or pasta?  

Weights or cardio?

Manicure or Pedicure?

Night in on the couch or night out with the girls? 
Night in on the couch. 

Beachside or Ski slopes? 

Check out Kit's website HERE and follow her on Instagram HERE.


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    Interesting and inspiring read! I love hearing about people who make their careers around what they are passionate about.

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    Loved this! Thank you for sharing!

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    So wonderful to have such great news of you through your precious mother. I was deeply saddened to learn that your father had made his transition. I have truly cherished knowing you and your entire family. I especially enjoy seeing your mother( AYA) with her grandsons and your nephews. So much love. oxoxoxB

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