Alyssa Amoroso is a New York-based publicist, blogger, social media influencer, fashion lover, and all round boss babe. With an inherent knack for style and beauty coupled with a hunger for leading and living a well-balanced life, Alyssa shares herself with the world through her blog, Pub(lyss)ity. From travel recommendations to fashion inspiration, career advice to retail bargains—Alyssa has you covered. caught up with the gorgeous balayaged-brunette to discuss all things public relations, risk taking, and how Instagram has transformed her life. 

Tell us about your blog, Pub(lyss)ity, and what inspired you to start it?
I blogged on and off for a few years under a different name until I decided to pursue it more seriously in 2016. I was mostly inspired by the business aspect of it. Of course, I love being creative as well. But I was intrigued by the challenge to create a personal brand.

Your full time job is in Public Relations – has it helped you navigate the blogging sphere?
Absolutely. In fact, working in the industry is what persuaded me to start blogging more seriously. I was executing influencer campaigns on the Public Relations side when it kind of hit me – “why did I ever stop doing this?” I was impressed by how brands were willing to bet on influencers and saw the media landscape change before my eyes. Suddenly print media wasn’t such a focus as social media was. I knew I had to pick up where I left things off and after a little research and a leap of faith, 
Pub(lyss)ity was born.   

How would you describe your own personal style?
I’ve always said that my style can’t really be categorized because it changes so often. If there’s a new trend or fad, I need to try it. So I guess you could say I’m a big risk taker when it comes to fashion. One day I’ll be in all nudes and pink, the next I’m head-to-toe in black.

What do you like to splurge on?
Accessories for sure – purses, shoes, and jewelry. I feel like you can dress up any outfit with a nice accessory, so if you’re going to splurge on something you can’t go wrong with one of them. I love to pair high-end pieces with fast fashion.

What inspires you to create original Instagram content?
I have a hunger for creativity so it’s always about storytelling through imagery. Other influencers, pop culture, and photographs also really inspire me.

How has Instagram changed the way you work as a blogger?
Well for starters, Instagram is no longer a place I go just for fun. It’s a place I go to for work. I definitely look at things a bit differently now. I’m never just scrolling through my feed to see photos my friends posted. I’m scrolling with a purpose – to engage with followers and attract new ones.

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What has been the most surreal moment for you?
It’s surreal when people recognize me on the street. I’ve had some people come up to me acting a little flustered and super excited. It’s those moments when it hits me how public of a life I lead and that people are actually following along.  

What would make you decide to start blogging for a living?
I’m still working in public relations full time and plan to always remain involved in the industry in some capacity. I’m a big believer in taking risks, such as blogging full time, but I also want to remain grounded in my career. I’d hate to leave my career and later learn that influencers are no longer relevant and have nothing to fall back on. I think I’ll always be juggling a few things at once.

What are some of your favorite fashion brands and why?
In terms of high-end designers, I love Gucci, Celine and Saint Laurent. For clothing items, I shop at Bloomingdale's, Revolve and Topshop.

Favorite fashion magazine or resource?
Surprisingly enough, I don’t really look to fashion magazines for inspiration anymore (this is a prime example of why print is dead). I look at Instagram mainly, as well as celebrity trends.

What are some of your current fashion and/or accessory obsessions?
I love my Gucci belt for my high-waisted jean looks, as well as silk scarves.

What was your first job?
My first job was in high school at a pizzeria in my town where I waited tables, answered the phone, and rang people up. My parents always raised me to work from an early age, so as soon as I turned 16, they made me get a job. I actually think everyone should work in the service industry at some point because you learn a lot about yourself and how to deal with others.  

Must-have beauty product?
I’m a big sucker for lash extensions because then you don’t have to wear eye makeup. I also always need a good concealer and bronzer.

Best beauty tip?
Take care of your skin. If your face is dry, your makeup isn’t going to spread or stay the way you want it to. 


Buy items that are acceptable in multiple scenarios. For example, rock high-waisted black jeans to work with a sweater or on the weekend with a crop top. It’s all about getting the most for your investment. 

What's your daily beauty regime?
I actually don’t really wear makeup during the week, mainly because I work with all girls and don’t find a need. I also want to sleep as late as I can! However, I spend a lot of time on my skin each morning – I use toner, serum, lotion, eye cream, facial oil and more.

What's the worst fashion trend of all time?
I think there’s no place in fashion for MC Hammer harem pants. Who thought they were ever a good idea?!

Do you have any hobbies?
My blog actually started as a hobby, but I think it’s too much of a career at this point to consider it one anymore. Unfortunately, since I work full time and blog on the side, I don’t really have time for hobbies. However, I do like to read and travel.

What's your favorite piece of clothing to wear?

I love a good jumper – they flatter my body type and can be both casual or dressy.

Can you describe your style in one word? 

Who's your style icon?
I’m really into the “model-off-duty” trend that is happening, so I love following Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid to see what they’re wearing.

What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
Persistence is key.

Favorite Quote?
I’ve always loved the phrase “she flies with her own wings” because it signifies independence and freedom to own who you are.

What is one thing our readers would be surprised to hear?
I’m actually a tomboy. As mentioned earlier, I rarely wear makeup! I’m pretty laid back and I’m super handy around the house.

What item in your closet do you wear the most?
My black jeans and leather jacket.

So, since you're a seasoned New Yorker...

Uber or Via? 
Uber, I'm actually a VIP!

By. Chloe or Blossom? 
By. Chloe.

Duane Reade (Walgreens) or CVS? 
Duane Reade.

Central Park or Washington Square Park? 
Central Park.

Manhattan or Brooklyn? 

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  • Rachel Tone says...

    Alyssa is gorgeous!! Great piece.

    On February 06, 2018

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    What a well-spoken, talented, humble, and gracious individual. I loved reading about her blog and life. Thanks for posting!

    On January 17, 2018

  • Nancy Glick says...

    It has been such a privilege to travel along with Alyssa as her blog grows. She has always been a go getter and the results show! Way to go Alyssa!

    On December 22, 2017

  • Cathy Wick says...

    Alyssa is a strong, independent and hard working young woman. I loved reading all about her! May she continue to grow and reach for the stars!

    On December 20, 2017

  • Debra Parisi says...

    Beautiful article about a truly beautiful person. I have had the pleasure of knowing Alyssa since she was three years old and she always followed her own style and her own heart. She is talented, fun loving, creative and all around great to be around.
    ve had the

    On December 20, 2017

  • Debra Parisi says...

    Beautiful article about a truly beautiful person. I have had the pleasure of knowing Alyssa since she was three years old and she always followed her own style and her own heart. She is talented, fun loving, creative and all around great to be around.
    ve had the

    On December 20, 2017


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